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Pricing for Hair Transplants

Every patient has a different degree of hair loss and different desires as to what they want to accomplish with a transplantation procedure. Through an initial free consultation with Dr. Aronovitz, details of each individual's situation are explored and a plan for restoration is created.

The cost of the procedure follows a scale that is based on a per follicle basis, and as the number of follicles increases, the price per follicle transplanted goes down. Generally, procedures start as low as $3000.

Our pricing is very competitive both locally and nationally. At your consultation appointment you will leave with exact quotes and no unanswered questions.

For more information on hair restoration pricing, personalized for your needs, please call his office at 877-855-4HAIR, or schedule an appointment online today to meet Dr. Aronovitz, and discuss the options and opportunities available to make your vision a reality, at a price you can afford.

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