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Pricing for Facial Surgery

It is important to realize that we are all different with different problems and concerns. Tailoring the process to your needs and desires during the initial consultation with Dr. Aronovitz will have you on your way to a new you.

Our pricing is very competitive both locally in Michigan and nationally. We know that understanding all the costs and benefits associated with plastic, cosmetic, or aesthetic surgery is one of the first steps in determining if surgery is right for you.

In your personal meeting with Dr. Aronovitz, you will review, and weigh all the costs and benefits both personal and financial for having surgery, and come away with a full understanding of the price and fees associated with plastic cosmetic surgery. At your consultation appointment it is our goal that you will leave with exact quotes and no unanswered questions.

To learn more about Dr. Aronovitz's facial plastics options, and how he can help you enjoy the rewards of plastic surgery, please call his office at 248.855.4HAIR, or schedule an appointment online today to meet Dr. Aronovitz, and discuss the options and opportunities available to make your vision a reality.

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